MRO Schiaparelli image
Europa. Credit: NASA
Galileo launch
A concept of  the European Space Agency's ExoMars Rover. Credit: European Space Agency/AOES Medialab artist's concept
Juice's trajectory to Jupiter will include gravity-assist flybys of the Callisto and Ganymede moons, and two close-in flybys of the Europa moon. At the end of the mission, Juice is expected to spend eight months dedicated to the study of Ganymede. Credit: ESA
ESA’s contribution to NASA’s Orion spacecraft is the European Service Module, designed to provide the spacecraft’s propulsion, electrical power, water and thermal control. The propulsion qualification model, designed by Airbus Defence and Space, was assembled by OHB Sweden. Credit: ESA
AIM ESA Cubesats Asteroids
LISA illustration
Norbert Barthle Germany
SmallGEO Hispasat-36W-1 Hispasat-AG1
Galileo 7 and Galileo 8
Hungary ESA tech transfer
ARM boulder return
AIM watches impact

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