Arianespace Ariane 5 VA238
Dec. 18 Soyuz launch  of four satellites for O3b Networks’ Ka-band Internet trunking service. Credit: Arianespace
VA239 Ariane 5 Arianespace
Ariane 5 Vulcain engine VA239
JWST thermal vacuum chamber
Ariane 5 Arianespace Kourou
Ariane 5 Arianespace VA237
VA236 Ariane 5 Arianespace
Ariane 5 rocket lifts off from Kourou on June 30, 2009. Credit: Arianspace
Ariane 5 on the launch pad. Credit: Arianespace
roadblock Kourou protest
Ariane 5 Arianespace Telkom Intelsat 32e Sky Brasil-1
Arianespace Chief Executive Stephane Israel gets into the holiday spirit following the successful Dec. 21 launch of an Ariane 5 carrying satellites for Embratel Star One and Sky Perfect JSAT. Credit: video still of Arianespace launch broadcast
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