An illustration of NASA's proposed Deep Space Gateway in orbit around the moon. Credit: NASA
A cubesat-sized Ice Cubes experiment container showed inside a mockup of Europe's Columbus ISS module. Credit: ESA
Enpulsion FEEP thruster
ESA’s contribution to NASA’s Orion spacecraft is the European Service Module, designed to provide the spacecraft’s propulsion, electrical power, water and thermal control. The propulsion qualification model, designed by Airbus Defence and Space, was assembled by OHB Sweden. Credit: ESA
Google deployed its Project  Loon high-altitude balloons to Puerto Rico to provide LTE service to the storm-ravaged island. Credit: Google Project Loon
Hydrazine is commonly used as a propellant for the satellites built by Airbus Defence and Space and many others in Europe and abroad. Credit: Airbus
PLD Space Arion 1
Marc Vales, head of future programs at ArianeGroup. participates in a panel discussion at Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany. Credit: Space Tech Expo Europe
CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall (center) and Pascale Ehrebnfreund (second from right), chair of the DLR Executive Board, renew their framework for cooperation at the Berlin airshow in July 2016. Credit: CNES
“A Moon Village,”  ESA director-general Johann-Dietrich Woerner said in 2015 “shouldn’t just mean some houses, a church and a town hall.” It could be beacon of international and even commercial cooperation. Credit: ESA artist's concept of a lunar outpost
Oliver Juckenhöfel, head of Airbus Defence and Space's  Bremen, Germany space site. Credit: Airbus
“In Germany, we don’t have enough young people who want to run their own business,” said Gerd Gruppe, member of DLR's executive board. “We have an overall lack of high-tech companies and so it is in the space sector as well.” Credit: DLR