As MDA joins the Maxar Technologies’ family, which includes DigitalGlobe with its WorldView constellation, “we are looking at how to unlock the market that can benefit from the combined use of RadarSat and optical WorldView imagery in ways that were not envisioned before or were difficult to achieve from two independent companies,” said Dave Belton, vice president of MDA’s Geospatial Services Group. Credit: MDA
The 70-kilogram ICEYE-X1 satellite launched Jan. 12 on a PSLV rocket carrying India’s Cartosat-2 and 30 smaller satellites. Credit: ICEYE artist's concept
“[Project Maven] is not
weaponizing. We are trying to take repetitive tasks that
are routine, like processing of pictures, and automating them,” said U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson, shown above testifying before
the Senate Armed Services Committee in February. Credit: Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith
A Blue Origin BE-4 engine
on display at the 34th Space Symposium. Credit: Blue Origin
Experts say space companies need to reach future recruits well before college. Outreach efforts like the USA Science and Engineering Festival, held in Washington in early April, is a good start. Credit: NASA
High-profile startups like Rocket Lab, above, and others generate interest from young professionals, but U.S. space companies still struggle to fill some vacancies. Credit: ASD Eurospace
A custom cargo container holding JWST’s optical telescope assembly is loaded into a C-5 aircraft in Houston on Jan. 31 for transport to Northrop Grumman’s Redondo Beach, California, facility. Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center
Congress slipped an extra pair of WGS satellites into the 2018 omnibus bill. Credit: Boeing
Orbital ATK launches its Antares rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport co-located with NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announces the 2018 National Defense Strategy. Credit: DoD
U.S.-European collaboration led to the discovery of  the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system. This artist’s impression shows the view from the surface of one of the seven or more planets orbiting the ultracool dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth. Credit: ESO/N. Bartmann/
July 20, 1989: “From the voyages of Columbus, to the Oregon Trail, to the journey to the moon itself, history proves that we have never lost by pressing the limits of our frontiers.”
U.S. President George H. W. Bush, announcing the Space Exploration Initiative. Credit: NASA
SpaceX Iridium-5 launch
Sierra Nevada is bringing its Dream Chaser  to the 34th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 16-19. Credit: NASA
Air Force Gen. John Hyten, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command. Credit: Kate Patterson for SpaceNews
The 13th National People's Conference wrapped up its first legislative session March 20 in Beijing. Credit: Xinhua/Wang Ye

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