Engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, install the first of 18 segments that make up the James Webb Space Telescope's 6.5 meter primary mirror. Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn
Jeff Greason (left) and Dan Delong
Credit: SpaceNews
Based on the Chinese DFH-4 platform, LaoSat-1 was placed into geostationary transfer orbit by a Chinese Long March 3B rocket operating from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in Sichuan Province.  Credit: CCTV screen grab
A piece of debris from a 2014 SpaceX Falcon 9 launch was recovered off the English coast Nov. 26  Credit: James Druce/Reddit
DARPA is hoping it can take elements of its ALASA program, shown in the rendering above, to industry to improve how quickly the military can launch small satellites into low earth orbit. Credit: DARPA
Francois Rancy, director of the ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau, said at a Nov. 27 news conference that the added push for terrestrial networks in the 3.4-3.6-gigahertz bands in the Americas, Europe and Africa, plus individual Asia-Pacific nations’ statements, added up to a “nearly global allocation” for terrestrial networks. Credit: ITU/D. Woldu
Indian Ocean Junction
Jean-Yves Le Gall
ExoMars module
Rep. Brian Babin urged NASA to look into buying more Earth imagery from commercial sources. Credit: House Science Committee video

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