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Lightfoot CSIS
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announces the 2018 National Defense Strategy. Credit: DoD
The day after Finland's Iceye launched a commercial SAR satellite on an Indian rocket, Finland's president signed the country's first comprehensive space legislation. Credit: Iceye artist's concept
Bridenstine confirmation hearing
Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. (DoD photo)
Cliff Beek speaking at a Virgin Orbit event_preview
President Trump holds up his freshly signed Space Policy Directive 1 during a Dec. 11 ceremony at the White House. (Credit: White House)
SpaceX Zuma launch 2018-01-07
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis at U.S. Northern Command headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Credit: DoD
Technical problems could delay the beginning of regular flights by SpaceX's Crew Dragon (left) and Boeing's CST-100 Starliner until at least late 2018. Credit: SpaceX artist's concept and Boeing
Space Drone
U.S. Department of Defense headquarters
GomSpace Virgin Orbit LauncherOne

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