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Ariane 5 on the launch pad. Credit: Arianespace
The Air Force's Wideband Global Satcom satellite 8 launches aboard a ULA Delta 4 rocket Dec. 7. Credit: ULA
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket moving to the pad in advance of its April 27 launch of Thales Alenia Space's TurkmenÄlem52E/MonacoSat satellite. Credit: SpaceX
hurricane damage at Beach House
The third SBIRS satellite, the next satellite scheduled to join the U.S. Air Force’s Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS), pictured above in final assembly and test at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California. Credit: Lockheed Martin.
A NASA artist's concept of the Restore-L spacecraft approaching a satellite for refueling. Credit: NASA
spire cubesat
VV08 Vega Arianespace Göktürk-1
SS2 glide flight
WorldView-4 Toyko Japan First Image DigitalGlobe
Orion at moon
Artist's rendering of a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program satellite. The National Reconnaissance Office developed the program in the 1960's and handed it off to the Air Force. Now the House has passed a bill that will send authority for acquiring weather satellites back to the NRO. Credit: Lockheed-Martin
The 22-nation European Space Agency's member governments on Dec. 1-2 agreed to 10.3 billion euros ($11 billion) in new spending over the next three to seven years, including a commitment to the International Space Station to 2024 and the completion of the Euro-Russian ExoMars mission, to send a rover vehicle to Mars in 2020. Credit: ESA - See more at: http://spacenews.com/europe-commits-to-the-space-station-and-exomars-as-part-of-11-billion-in-commitments-to-esa/#sthash.wuVP2a7y.dpuf

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