Kay Sears, Intelsat General
Mark Zuckerberg announces plans for Internet.org service.
Michael Pley Com Dev
The June 28 explosion of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has amplified calls for the Defense Department to have assured access to space. Credit: NASA TV.
ExoMars at Thales Alenia Space facility in Cannes, France. Credit: ESA/S. Corvaja,
Global Xpress satellite. Credit: Inmarsat artist's concept
Mike Rogers
Dream Chaser engineering test
U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Credit: U.S. House/Justin LoFranco
Robert Lightfoot, NASA associate adminstrator. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky
United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket launches NROL-55 mission. Credit: ULA
DMPS satellite. Credit: U.S. Air Force/Lockheed Martin artist's concept

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