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SS2 glide flight
WorldView-4 Toyko Japan First Image DigitalGlobe
Orion at moon
Artist's rendering of a Defense Meteorological Satellite Program satellite. The National Reconnaissance Office developed the program in the 1960's and handed it off to the Air Force. Now the House has passed a bill that will send authority for acquiring weather satellites back to the NRO. Credit: Lockheed-Martin
The 22-nation European Space Agency's member governments on Dec. 1-2 agreed to 10.3 billion euros ($11 billion) in new spending over the next three to seven years, including a commitment to the International Space Station to 2024 and the completion of the Euro-Russian ExoMars mission, to send a rover vehicle to Mars in 2020. Credit: ESA - See more at: http://spacenews.com/europe-commits-to-the-space-station-and-exomars-as-part-of-11-billion-in-commitments-to-esa/#sthash.wuVP2a7y.dpuf
PSLV launch June 2016
falcon-9 og2 Orbcomm SpaceX
AsiaSat-8 SSL
A Soyuz-U rocket carrying the Progress MS-04 spacecraft lifts off Dec. 1. A problem during the rocket's third stage burn caused the loss of the mission. Credit: NASA
Arion 2 PLD Space Spain
The final three satellites in the Air Force's 10-satellite WGS constellation include a digital channelizer that will boost capacity by enabling the satellite to use bandwidth more efficiently. Credit: Boeing WGS video still
Close-up of the Asteroid Redirect Vehicle departing the asteroid after capturing a boulder from its surface. Credit: NASA artist's concept
Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch Inmarsat

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