AsiaSat 8 undergoing construction
oneweb constellation
ILS Proton M
GSLV-D6 rocket
SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.
Credit: SpaceX
A ball of plutonium-238 glows from its own energy. Credit: DoE
The U.S. Air Force intends to use an Orbital ATK satellite platform for the STPSat-6 mission. Shown above is an artist's concept of the GEOStar-1 platform Orbital ATK offers for national security missions in geostationary orbit. Credit: Orbital ATK
Just after T+2 minutes, the NASA announcer says "Everything coming back shows the vehicle on course, on track.” The Falcon 9 then appears to explode. Credit: NASA TV
Merri Sanche
SLS and Orion. Credit: NASA artist's concept
Donna Edwards
NASA's Jim Green, director of planetary science. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani.
U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh. Credit: DOD/Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo
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"The solar array is deployed during testing of a Boeing all-electric propulsion 702SP (small platform) satellite, EUTELSAT 115 West B, built for Paris-based Eutelsat." Credit: Boeing
ULA CEO Tory Bruno and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announcing engine partnership at National Press Club in September 2014. Credit: SpaceNews/Brian Berger

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