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The logo of Spaceport Camden, an effort to bring a private spaceport to Camden County, which is along the Georgia coast. Credit: Spaceport Camden
Jim Green
Sen. Ted Cruz
Elon Musk. Credit: NASA photo by Dennis Bonilla
Kourou French Guiana
Trump signing
The Air Force's missile warning satellite, SBIRS GEO-3, lifted off aboard a ULA Atlas 5 rocket Jan. 20, after a 24-hour delay. Credit: ULA
Bezos BE-4
China’s Yutu rover was delivered to the lunar surface during the Chang’e-3 mission. Credit: CNSA
Kymeta mTenna
Dragon after splashdown
SpaceX Red Dragon
A ULA Delta 4 lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station March 18, carrying the Wideband Global Satcom 9 satellite. Credit: ULA
Planet Labs Doves ISS
GPS 3. Credit: Lockheed Martin

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