The Google Lunar X Prize divided $5 million in intermediate prizes among five teams that accomplished self-defined milestones of varying difficulty. Credit: GLXP image/SpaceNews graphic by Brian Berger
Falcon 9 vertical on the launch pad prior to its CRS-4 mission. Credit: SpaceX
Although he didn't mention X-37B, or any programs by name, Boeing CEO  Jim McNerney said he believed Boeing would its edge over SpaceX  in more advanced missions. Credit: Air Force/Michael Stonecypher
Nine Merlin 1D engines comprise the first stage of the Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket. Credit: SpaceX
During inspections following SMAP's Jan. 29 launch attempt, minor “debonds” to the Delta 2 booster insulation were identified. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Spire, which describes itself as "a satellite-powered data company," says its set to begin deploying a constellation of cubesat-based satellites later this year. Credit: Spire image
Technicians working on a Galileo satellite. Credit: OHB
Credit: SpaceNews

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