An illustration of NASA's proposed "deep-space gateway" in orbit around the moon. Japan plans to make use of gateway as a jumping-off point for future lunar expeditions.  Credit: NASA
Mars 2020 rover
MX-1E Moon Express
Artist's concept of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using its sounding radar to probe beneath the Martian surface to see if water ice is present at depths greater than one meter. Credit: NASA/JPL
A Chinese DNA experiment was among the 25 NanoRacks-brokered experiments a SpaceX Dragon delivered to ISS in early June. Credit: NASA
China’s robotic circumlunar test flight in 2014 snapped this image of the moon with Earth in the distance. Credit: Chinese Academy of Sciences
ESA unveiled its BepiColombo probe July 6 in The Netherlands. Shown above is the  Mercury Transfer Module (sitting on top of a cone-shaped adapter, and with one folded solar array visible to the right); the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (with the folded solar array seen towards the left, with red protective cover), and the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO).
The Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter's Sunshield and Interface Structure (MOSIF) that will protect the MMO during the cruise to Mercury is sitting on the floor to the right. Credit: ESA
Dawn at Ceres
Boeing Mexsat Centenario
ADF Australia Satellite
SpaceX Falcon 9 BulgariaSat-1 launch
stratolaunch pegasus
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson speaking June 16, 2017, at he Strategic National Security Space FY18 Budget Forum. Credit: SpaceNews/Mike Moser
LISA illustration

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