Falcon 9 Iridium-1 launch
Moon Express's MX-1 lander. Credit: Moon Express artist's concept
Crew Dragon Falcon 9 Pad 39A
ARM boulder return
Planet Labs flock release
With near unanimity, the summit agreed to the following: “The long term goal of the human spaceflight and exploration program of the United States is to expand permanent human presence beyond low-Earth orbit and to do so in a way that will enable human settlement and a thriving space economy. This will be best achieved through public-private partnerships and international collaboration.”
Credit: NASA/Michael Fincke
JWST clean tent
Credit: NASA
Lucy and Psyche
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explodes Sept. 1 during fueling  operation in preparation for a static-fire test. 
Credit: USLaunchReport.com video
SGDC Visiona Thales Brazil
An illustration of the Audi Lunar Quattro rover that PT Scientists plans to send to the moon to win the Google Lunar X Prize. Credit: PT Scientists
JWST clean tent
SpaceShipTwo glide flight

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