SS2 glide flight
Spengler Intelsat
omniearth satellite
Ted Cruz
Global Eagle Entertainment GEE
The Air Force's missile warning satellite, SBIRS GEO-3, lifted off aboard a ULA Atlas 5 rocket Jan. 20, after a 24-hour delay. Credit: ULA
Jacob Keret Spacecom Amos
SkySats in orbit
Intelsat OneWeb Graphic
Planetary Resources CEO Chris Lewicki, left, greets Prince Guillaume, the hereditary grand duke of Luxembourg, during an April 13 visit to Seattle. The visit followed an April 12 stop in Silicon Valley. Credit:  Jean-Christophe Verhaegen via
AIM ESA Cubesats Asteroids
SkySats in orbit
U.S. Export-Import Bank. Credit: House Minority Whip
SSL satellite servicing concept
Lockheed Martin Space Systems is using "additive manufacturing" - better known as 3-D printing - to greatly decrease costs and lower production time when creating parts like this partially-built tank. Credit: Phillip Swarts
Dave Davis GEE Global Eagle

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