Rodolphe Belmer Eutelsat
AR1 illustration
Gilat VSAT - Optus SC 4
ViaSat intends to build 45 gateways for ViaSat-2, followed by hundreds for the ViaSat-3 series. Credit: ViaSat
FCC Ajit Pai
Inuvik ground station
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein. (Credit: USAF)
Steve Collar SES O3b
Spire Lemurs Clean Room
SES logo building
Adam Draper, founder and managing director of startup accelerator
Boost VC
The Hellas-Sat-4 communications satellite after spacecraft integration in a Lockheed Martin clean room near Denver.
One of Spire’s three-unit cubesats undergoes testing at the San Francisco-based company’s lab. (Credit: Spire)
In addition to cargo missions to the ISS, Dream Chaser will fly a dedicated research mission for the United Nations in 2021. Credit: Sierra Nevada Corp.

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