Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine's minister for foreign affairs speaks at the 2017 Halifax International Security Forum
Satellite refueling (SSL)
Planet Labs Doves ISS
The U.S. Air Force's  upcoming fifth and sixth satellites in its missile warning constellation will have a new satellite bus, Lockheed Martin's A2100. Credit: Lockheed Martin.
SpaceX large booster launch
spire luxembourg
DARPA's director of tactical technology Fred Kennedy speaks at a meeting of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. (SpaceNews)
Stratolaunch rollout
Satellite imagery is used by SpaceKnow and combined with other sources to produce charts like this on Chinese manufacturing output. Credit: SpaceKnow
Dream Chaser glide flight
SSTL SST-US Denver Colorado
Loft Orbital
SN Awards Feature Image

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