An ISRO Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifts off Feb. 14 carrying 104 satellites on a single rocket. Credit: ISRO
Deimos-2 UrtheCast
Inmarsat 5 F1 and F2 Global Xpress satellites at Boeing's El Segundo, California-facility. Credit: Inmarsat
Avanti CEO David Williams
Faraday smallsat
EchoStar-24/Jupiter-3 SSL Hughes
Tyvak cubesat
Walter Ballheimer, the CEO of German Orbital Systems, said the company considers Euroconsult’s estimates realistic, but space “is a risky and expensive business.”

The forecast is “based on estimations of a successful deployment of OneWeb and SpaceX megaconstellations which technically are also small satellites,” he said. Credit: German Orbital Systems
Artist's concept of Iridium Next satellite. Credit: Iridium
Inmarsat EAN satellite
NanoAvionics has secured seed funding to commercialize its Enabling Propulsion System for Small Satellites (EPSS). Credit: NanoAvionics
Gogo 737 Test Aircraft
Lockheed Martin's new satellite integration facility will make its Waterton Canyon campus one of the largest space technology centers in the country, with 3.5 million square feet of research, engineering, test and office space.  Credit: Lockheed Martin
SmartSky Networks ATG BizAv BizJet

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