Igor Komarov. Credit: Yekaterina Shtukina/TASS photo
Karim Michel Sabbagh. Credit: SES
It is unclear what happened in November to cause at least a half-dozen satellite constellation filings to head to the ITU. Industry officials said it could have been that word leaked that Google and SpaceX were teaming up behind SpaceX’s since-announced several-thousand-satellite constellation. Credit SpaceNews illustration
Iridium satellite. Credit: National Air and Space Museum
RD-180 engine mounted on Atlas 5 rocket. Credit: ULA
A SpaceXer sports the company's logo at a launch party. Credit: SpaceX
Planet Labs Co-founder and CEO Will Marshall comparing his company's Dove cubesat to a traditional satellite during a TED Talk. Credit: Steve Jurvetson
Francois Auque. Credit: ESA/P. Sebirot
Oil drilling rig in Kirinskoye. Credit: Gazprom

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