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The space ministers of France, Germany and Italy are  to assess how far they are from agreement on strategy and funding for Europe’s next-generation Ariane rocket.
A NASA spacecraft entered orbit around Mars as planned late Sept. 21, the first of two spacecraft scheduled to arrive at the planet in a three-day period.
A NASA white paper says: “Explorers go with the intent of returning to tell their story and point the way for future forays. Pioneers go with the intent to establish a permanent presence.”
In Beijing, at the 64th International Astronautical Congress last year, America’s absence due to the budget crisis did little to dull the hum of deals being brokered. 
China’s latest call for space weapons ban rings especially hollow.
I agree with the testimony of Joanne Gabrynowicz, professor emerita of space and remote sensing law at the University of Mississippi, regarding the bill.
Small-satellite technology and research are one important aspect of the work conducted at SDL.
Gen. John Hyten said he was excited about the Blue Origin-ULA partnership on a replacement for the RD-180 engine that powers ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket, but wondered when the new engine might be ready.
Advocates here acknowledged that the conversation has gradually shifted from whether the U.S. government should be sharing space situational awareness to working out the mechanics of how and when to...
Japan’s Cabinet is asking the nation’s finance ministry for a 19.4 percent increase, to 327 billion yen, in space spending for the upcoming fiscal year.


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