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The EU space code of conduct does not offer the United States tangible benefits and potentially places greater burdens and restrictions on the nation.
NASA's message to ISRO scientists launching the Mars Orbiter Mission showcases the growing cooperation between the two space agencies.
Mobile Internet services provider Airtel Africa will market Thuraya Telecommunications Co. products and services in 17 African nations.
I admire NASA Administrator Charles Bolden for fighting against federal government waste and inefficiency.
What exactly the ban covers, and how it originated, was not clear.
The U.S. Air Force is hoping to bridge a potential gap in on-orbit space surveillance capabilities with a small satellite launching as soon as 2017.
A June slot for a Europeanized Russian Soyuz rocket is all but certain to be given to O3b Networks.
Senior U.S. military space leaders told a House subcommittee they backed the idea of developing an American-made alternative to the Russian-made RD-180.
Europe has no intention of modifying its space-program relationship with Russia despite Russia’s takeover of Crimea.
LightSquared has resumed cash payments to Inmarsat after a two-year hiatus following LightSquared’s filing for Chapter 11 reorganization.


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