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The U.S. Air Force anticipates awarding Leidos a $24 million contract to support the GPS directorate.
The NRC report, “Pathways to Exploration,” translates as follows: NASA should build a lunar base.
When reliability is the gating factor an LEO satellite network such as Iridium’s provides a uniquely reliable option.
The Delta 4 always had the capability to launch all defense space missions from the first day of the EELV.
An IMO panel has made the correct call in agreeing to evaluate the Iridium service for possible certification to relay distress signals from ships and aircraft to rescue authorities.
The GMD system still has much to prove as a first line of defense against an attack on U.S. territory.
NASA is soon to award one or more Commercial Crew Transportation Capability contracts meant to provide the agency by the end of 2017 with a U.S. alternative to Russian Soyuz vehicles for transporting...
NASA’s upcoming RapidScat is a significant departure from the space agency’s traditional approach to Earth observation.
NASA expects to hire a new permanent director for the Heliophysics Division sometime within the next year.
Nine years after a rocket failure destroyed its solar-sailing spacecraft, the Planetary Society is ready for another try.


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