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SES selected Airbus to build a large Ku-/Ka-band broadcast satellite for East Asia.
U.S. government witnesses agreed that developing a new U.S. rocket engine is a priority, but were unable to map out a clear path forward.
Three members of Congress from Alabama and Colorado have asked NASA to provide information on what they perceive to be an “epidemic of anomalies” on missions performed by SpaceX.
ABS and Arabsat announced a strategic partnership in which Arabsat will lease 10 Ku-band transponders on the ABS-3A satellite for 15 years to cover the Middle East and North Africa.
NASA plans to parcel out $25 million to study scientific instruments for a proposed probe to Europa.
The U.S. Air Force formally requested bids for the first competitively awarded contract under its main satellite launching program.
The companies selected are: Boeing, working with Blue Origin; Masten Space Systems working with XCOR Aerospace; and Northrop Grumman with Virgin Galactic.
Following the launch, Orbcomm said all six satellites were healthy in orbit and sending signals.
Two experts in the field of space policy with differing views make their case for and against outer space cooperation with China.
The United States must lead humanity back to the Moon and to the universe beyond.


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