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The U.S. Air Force will begin weaning itself from an outdated hardware and software system that processes the Defense Department’s space surveillance data about a year later than expected, but still...
A bill that would grant property rights and other protections for commercial asteroid mining ventures received a mixed reception at a hearing of the House Science space subcommittee Sept. 10.
The letter to Dordain makes clear that these fleet operators have a ho-hum view of the Ariane 5 ME.
It was 1976, America’s bicentennial, but the nation’s celebratory mood did not extend to big-ticket astronomy projects — at least not as far as Congress was concerned.
Boeing will deliver two Phoenix platforms equipped with high-resolution hyperspectral imaging sensors that would be ready for launch within several months of one another starting in the first quarter...
Dankberg defended his company’s decision to settle a two-year patent-infringement lawsuit against Loral.
NewSat said it is not in a “work-out” situation with its major lenders, the U.S. and French export-credit agencies, but that the company is going through an acknowledged rough period as it builds its...
If the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration return in late 2015, U.S. Air Force Space Command likely would have to mothball radars, telescopes or other elements of its ground-based space...
Bulgaria is the latest on a lengthening list of nations now building and launching national telecommunications satellites.
Europe’s Arianespace launch consortium booked four new commercial telecommunications satellite contracts, all for relatively lightweight satellites.


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