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ATK on Nov. 17 said its special due-diligence assessment of Orbital Sciences following the Oct. 28 failure of Orbital’s Antares rocket has concluded that the merger of ATK’s Aerospace and Defense...
The decision ends an impasse that has bedeviled the European Space Agency for more than two years as it prepares for a Dec. 2 conference of its governments.  
Refreshing as it may be, bug juice has no nutritional value.
Orbital Sciences Chief Executive David W. Thompson is not a guy I would ever want to play poker with. 
The fatal crash has regulatory implications for the fledgling industry.
Anderson said the experience of people seeing their home planet from space on planned commercial suborbital flights will have “a profound and enlightening impact on mankind.”
NASA will appoint at least five “capability leaders” to help steer the agency’s latest bid to trim costs and reduce duplication of effort across its 10 regional field centers.
As the U.S. Congress considers proposals to grant government agencies with additional commercial space regulatory authority, industry and government officials believe it is unlikely those efforts...
This year’s Top 5 Companies to Watch group has a heavy focus on firms facing challenges that could come to a head in the next year or two.
The NASA-led environmental review will not technically be complete until at least Dec. 19, but the lack of red flags from the EPA is a signal that the way is essentially clear for NASA to proceed...


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