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Virgin Galactic is sticking with a hybrid-engine for its SpaceShipTwo suborbital tourism vehicle.
Ball Aerospace has completed a series of environmental tests of the WorldView-3.
NASA and Lockheed Martin Space Systems have finished testing the avionics system on the first flight version of the agency’s Orion crew capsule.
The U.S. commerce secretary says current weather satellite development programs are on track but nonetheless she continues to worry about a future gap in coverage.
The contract is valued at 7 million euros for one year and 19 million euros if it is extended to four years.
The higher spending by both companies comes as lobbying costs across the defense aerospace industry have shrunk.
Commercial suborbital spacecraft operators would get more utility out of the experimental permits the FAA issues for test flights if S. 2140 becomes law.
ESA’s Industrial Policy Committee approved spending 820 million euros to develop the first pair of Metop SG satellites.
Arianespace is having discussions with the Russian space agency on a block buy of Soyuz rockets to be operated from Russia's Baikonur spaceport and sold commercially for much less than the...
While a dozen space agencies, including NASA, have agreed upon a Global Exploration Roadmap that lays out general plans for human missions leading up to Mars, an April 10 workshop revealed continued...


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