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NewSat said it is not in a “work-out” situation with its major lenders, the U.S. and French export-credit agencies, but that the company is going through an acknowledged rough period as it builds its...
If the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration return in late 2015, U.S. Air Force Space Command likely would have to mothball radars, telescopes or other elements of its ground-based space...
Bulgaria is the latest on a lengthening list of nations now building and launching national telecommunications satellites.
Europe’s Arianespace launch consortium booked four new commercial telecommunications satellite contracts, all for relatively lightweight satellites.
The top priority for Congress is passage of a continuing resolution to fund the federal government after Sept. 30.
s part of an initiative to make its primary satellite platform more competitive in both commercial and government markets, Lockheed Martin Space Systems is now offering variants of its A2100 bus that...
The two sides remain split on whether to complete work on a new upper stage for the Ariane 5 rocket or focus on Ariane 6.
Some of the more advanced data products from the U.S. Air Force’s new missile warning satellite constellation will become available earlier than previously planned thanks to an additional $80 million...
NASA’s 1,779 active Space Act Agreements include 1,086 deals with domestic entities and 693 with international entities.
China’s space program has set its sights on landing a robotic probe on the Moon and returning samples of the lunar surface back to Earth.


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