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At least two former employees of SpaceX have sued the company for compensation following what they say were “mass layoffs” carried out without providing 60 days’ notice as required under California...
Live streaming will be available for the Aug. 10 lunar flyby of ISEE-3.
Orbcomm said the six second-generation satellites it launched on July 14 are proceeding through in-orbit tests and should be in service by September.
EchoStar said growth of its Hughes U.S. satellite-broadband consumer service slowed in the three months ending June 30 as subscriber additions were undercut by customers quitting the service.
Loral said it is continuing to explore a transaction with an unnamed high bidder.
SpaceX will perform a pair of crucial launch abort tests beginning later this year for the crewed version of Dragon.
The NRO says internal processes and many layers external oversight ensure the proper balance between risk and affordability in its satellite acquisition programs.
International Launch Services expects to assemble a review board next month to assess a Russian investigation into the May failure of a Russian Proton rocket.
Economic sanctions against the Russian government will not disrupt the flow of Russian-made RD-180 rocket engines to UnLA.
Rosetta arrived at its destination — a comet some 405 million kilometers from Earth.


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