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The U.S. Air Force’s unmanned X-37B spaceplane — which had been orbiting Earth on a classified mission for 22 months — landed Oct. 17 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Many industry officials expect Orbital to use a solid-fueled motor built by ATK.
A new U.S. Air Force contracting vehicle for hosting government payloads on commercial satellites likely will be used exclusively for civilian scientific missions for three to five years.
A NASA mission aimed at developing a nontoxic propellant for satellite thrusters will host three experimental payloads for the U.S. Defense Department when it launches in 2016.
The operator of an underutilized Alaska launch site is offering more than $20 million to launch companies in a bid to attract a larger class of launch vehicles.
The failure of a key Russia-directed satellite beam aboard the ABS-2 satellite launched in February will result in an insurance claim of up to $214 million.
Canopus Systems LLC underwent a shake-up in early October, when Chief Executive Tomas Svitek was fired and Chief Operating Officer Megan Nunes resigned.
Argentine officials said after the launch that their nation is determined not to repeat its previous experience in which non-Argentine commercial interests nearly caused the nation to lose access to...
ESA formally approved a convention with the European Commission that will give ESA the management authority over Europe’s Copernicus series of environment-monitoring satellites.
Obama has nominated Dava Newman, an MIT professor with experience in both space technology and policy, to become the next deputy administrator of NASA.


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