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In choosing Boeing and SpaceX for contracts to deliver astronauts to the ISS, NASA made the safest commercial crew decisions possible. 
Congress now must do its part to ensure the program’s success.
There are political aspects to NASA’s commercial crew awards, of course.
ULA’s investment in Blue Origin’s development of a new rocket engine is good news and the first real indication that the U.S. “old space” industry is prepared to compete with SpaceX., albeit in...
As a senior member of the House Appropriations commerce, justice, science subcommittee, which oversees NASA spending, Culberson is in a good position to help secure the necessary funding for a Europa...
An internal U.S. Defense Department effort launched in early 2013 to reform the way it buys commercial satellite communication bandwidth appears to have stalled, even as key lawmakers continue to...
The MDA is revisiting concepts from a long-range interceptor program shuttered by the White House in 2013 as it weighs how to proceed with one of its top priorities, a redesigned kill vehicle.
A large, bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers from California has asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to broaden competition in its national security launch program and to move away from a Russian-made...
NASA’s Heliophysics Division has been managed by acting director Jeffrey Newmark since the June 6 firing of David Chenette.
The Aerospace Corp. of El Segundo, California, will receive $811 million from the U.S. Air Force to continue providing engineering advice on the service’s space programs in the year ahead.


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