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Every time NASA takes photographers and reporters on a bus ride out to the press site here, the designated public affairs officer, or PAO, recites a standard warning about the risks you are tacitly...
The Orbital Sciences rocket was carrying an ISS-bound Cygnus cargo tug when it exploded seconds after liftoff.
Retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Susan Mashiko used a government-furnished car and driver as a “personal limousine service” during her tenure as deputy director of the NRO, according to a report by...
SpaceX is expected to begin a series of review boards with the U.S. government’s chief engineer the week of Oct. 27 as it enters the “final phase” of  its quest to earn the Air Force...
Clyde Space said it sharply increased revenue and operating profit in the past year and booked two contracts with European and U.S. customers equivalent to more than its full-year sales.
A boat that entered restricted waters forced Orbital Sciences Corp. to postpone the launch of a Cygnus cargo spacecraft Oct. 27.
In an unusually busy period of visiting vehicle activity at the international space station, one commercial cargo vehicle returned to Earth Oct. 25 as another was prepared for an Oct. 27 launch.
The NASA IG’s audit of the NEO Program missed a much broader and far more important point: NASA is not looking for the right rocks. 
I would like to offer some input from a stakeholder in the cubesat community in order to provide balance and continue this important discussion on the sustainable use of the space environment. 


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