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For an astronaut working inside the space station, the overestimate was about 15 percent.
The Swedish government has agreed to finance the construction and launch of a 50-kilogram satellite into low Earth orbit to conduct optical studies of mesospheric gases for two years.
Lockheed Martin reported lower revenue and operating profit for its Space Systems division during the nine months ending Sept. 28, but a higher operating profit margin due to increased earnings from...
NASA’s radar tracking facility in Cooper’s Island, Bermuda, escaped damage from Hurricane Gonzalo and will be ready to support Orbital Sciences Corp.’s scheduled Oct. 27 cargo launch to the...
The satellite would use a Luxembourg government-registered orbital location over Europe to provide X- and military-Ka-band capacity for Luxembourg’s own use, as well as the free-access offer to NATO.
Officials said that despite an inquiry board’s conclusion that the Soyuz Fregat upper stage misdirected the two satellites because of an easily fixable design flaw, the inquiry uncovered several...
Russia’s Roscosmos space agency and RSCC confirmed that the satellite was healthy and in the intended orbit.
A federal court ruled against a motion by Sierra Nevada Corp. Oct. 21 to reinstate a suspension of work on CCtCap contracts awarded by NASA last month.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel agrees that now is the time to investigate alternatives that would reduce our utilization of the RD-180 engine, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said.
“As long as it’s compatible with our master plan and our future planning, we’ll entertain it,” said Scott Colloredo, director of KSC’s Center Planning and Development Directorate.


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