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Avanti Communications Group on Sept. 15 said it is resisting pricing pressure in Africa and maintaining average prices above $864,000 per year for a 36-megahertz transponder.
Jeff Bezos and Tory Bruno will announce a strategic partnership between Blue Origin and ULA.
Planned sale of former Vizada company will enable Airbus to focus on core businesses.
The NASA’s Office of Inspector General report found that the Near Earth Object  Program Office lacked the plans and contracting oversight typically used on agency programs, leaving many...
Mangalyaan is set to enter into orbit around Mars Sept. 24.
Rosetta's managers said the selected site is the best of a difficult set of options given the nature and shape of the comet.
Export Development Canada has approved 123 million euros in financial support to Hispasat to build the Hispasat 1F satellite.
It wasn’t that long ago that dozens of different programs were launching almost daily from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
While there is a growing optimism that the delivery of boundless energy from space-based solar power plants may someday come to pass there are two missing elements that continue to postpone the...
NASA needs a more ambitious agenda for its flagship rover.


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