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Lt. Gen.  Flynn said he is more confident today than he was a year ago about the intelligence community’s understanding of U.S. national security space systems and the threats they face.
SpaceX will get control of the Kennedy's launchpad 39A under a 20-year lease.
The recommendation, from Clapper and Long, has been passed along to the White House.
SpaceX and Reaction Engines said the goal is to reduce launch costs by developing reusable hardware.
The EC is now weighing whether to mandate Galileo adoption not only in European critical infrastructures, but also in selected areas including smartphones.
U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Samuel Greaves, the deputy director of the Missile Defense Agency, has been nominated to head the service’s Space and Missile Systems Center.
Launch of SpaceX's third contracted cargo mission to the international space station rescheduled for April 18.
The Hispasat telecommunications satellite has suffered an anomaly in its power system but is stable in orbit.
Eutelsat will redeem $360 million in bonds from bondholders in Eutelsat Americas.


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