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Questions remain as to the eventual place in the new company of Finmeccanica, which is widely expected to purchase a majority stake in Avio SpA to give Finmeccanica the heft it needs to be a third...
Spire, formerly known as Nanosatisfi, has raised $25 million in Series A financing that it will use to expand its satellite and data networks as well as its staff, the San Francisco-based company...
Program's most important legacy may be a U.S.-European partnership of mutual dependence in manned spaceflight.
Four astronauts resurfaced July 29 from an undersea laboratory where they had spent the past nine days honing space exploration skills while learning to live in close quarters. The expedition marked...
The loss of up to 200 jobs at SpaceX this month is due to firing of “low performer” employees as part of its annual review process, and not layoffs, the company’s president said July 26.
Boeing, Orbital and SSL will examine ways to fly NASA’s TEMPO instrument.
The head of the international space station program at Roscosmos said the wall protecting the international space station and space exploration from the Ukrainian crisis might be starting to crack.
Three missions have already been selected: BioSentinel, Lunar Flashlight and Near Earth Asteroid Scout.
The U.S. Air Force launched three satellites that are expected to provide a significant boost to the service’s space surveillance capabilities.
The United States claims China conducted a “non-destructive” test of an anti-satellite missile.


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