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These officials said their 40-strong engineering team preparing the IXV for a mid-November launch aboard a European Vega had worked nights and weekends to make the November date.
The motion for a preliminary injunction Orbital filed Oct. 28 is the latest turn in a lawsuit centered around the Transporter Erector Launcher.
The Antares launch site on Wallops Island suffered some damage from the Oct. 28 Antares launch failure, but escaped major damage.
The private pilot who shot the video of Tuesday’s Antares launch failure out the window of his Cessna said the explosion, while spectacular, looks much bigger in his video than it looked to his naked...
Every time NASA takes photographers and reporters on a bus ride out to the press site here, the designated public affairs officer, or PAO, recites a standard warning about the risks you are tacitly...
The Orbital Sciences rocket was carrying an ISS-bound Cygnus cargo tug when it exploded seconds after liftoff.
A boat that entered restricted waters forced Orbital Sciences Corp. to postpone the launch of a Cygnus cargo spacecraft Oct. 27.
In an unusually busy period of visiting vehicle activity at the international space station, one commercial cargo vehicle returned to Earth Oct. 25 as another was prepared for an Oct. 27 launch.
Orbital Sciences Corp. is accusing a contractor of holding “hostage” hardware needed to launch a NASA-chartered cargo delivery to the international space station next April and is suing to recover...


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