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The U.S. House Intelligence Committee likely will make a bipartisan push to fund an American-made rocket engine that would rival the Russian-made RD-180.
After a series of delays, SpaceX launched its third contracted cargo delivery mission to the international space station.
Yuzhnoye has become accustomed to maintaining its operations regardless of political turmoil.
DLR did a comparative analysis of Orbital and SpaceX as Europe considers how to adapt the Ariane rocket system to the changing commercial launch market.
SpaceX and Reaction Engines said the goal is to reduce launch costs by developing reusable hardware.
Launch of SpaceX's third contracted cargo mission to the international space station rescheduled for April 18.
ESOA companies are advocating for ways to reduce launch costs for Ariane 5 and the upcoming Ariane 6.
Even a failure of the now-activated backup does not pose an unacceptable threat to the SpaceX mission.
Virgin Galactic is sticking with a hybrid-engine for its SpaceShipTwo suborbital tourism vehicle.
Arianespace is having discussions with the Russian space agency on a block buy of Soyuz rockets to be operated from Russia's Baikonur spaceport and sold commercially for much less than the...


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