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A government-industry board of inquiry into the Aug. 22 failure of a Europeanized Russian Soyuz rocket to correctly orbit two European Galileo navigation satellites is scheduled to present its...
HatchBasket is designed to fit in the hatchway of Orbital Sciences’ enhanced Cygnus cargo module.
SpaceX said it would take one to two weeks to re-examine potential failure modes of its Falcon 9 rocket.
The commission said it had created its own internal task force to monitor the investigation into what went wrong with the launch.
The board, which will coordinate its activities with the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, is scheduled to begin its work Aug. 28 and to report initial findings by Sept. 8.
The Europeanized Soyuz rocket’s Fregat upper stage, which left the satellites in a useless orbit.
The investigation into the Aug. 22 failure will focus on the Fregat upper stage, built by NPO Lavochkin of Russia.
An experimental version of a Falcon 9 first stage used to test technologies for future reusable versions of that launch vehicle was destroyed during a flight Aug. 22 at SpaceX’s Texas test site.
Should Orbital convert its Antares rocket into an all-solid-fuel vehicle, the company will have to overhaul its launch infrastructure on Virginia’s eastern shore and figure out how to comply with a...


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