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Latest Launch Report News from SN

Orbital Sciences Corp. is accusing a contractor of holding “hostage” hardware needed to launch a NASA-chartered cargo delivery to the international space station next April and is suing to recover...
Space Exploration Technologies Corp. will attempt to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 launch vehicle on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean on its next mission.
The Vega IXV launch may be pushed into early 2015.
NASA’s radar tracking facility in Cooper’s Island, Bermuda, escaped damage from Hurricane Gonzalo and will be ready to support Orbital Sciences Corp.’s scheduled Oct. 27 cargo launch to the...
Russia’s Roscosmos space agency and RSCC confirmed that the satellite was healthy and in the intended orbit.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel agrees that now is the time to investigate alternatives that would reduce our utilization of the RD-180 engine, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said.
France’s space minister said Ariane’s U.S. competitors are all but “dumping” their rockets on the commercial market.
Sen. Heinrich said he continued to support efforts in Congress to fund development of a replacement for the RD-180 rocket engine despite a joint venture by Blue Origin and ULA to develop such an...
Many industry officials expect Orbital to use a solid-fueled motor built by ATK.
The operator of an underutilized Alaska launch site is offering more than $20 million to launch companies in a bid to attract a larger class of launch vehicles.


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