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Questions remain as to the eventual place in the new company of Finmeccanica, which is widely expected to purchase a majority stake in Avio SpA to give Finmeccanica the heft it needs to be a third...
Spire, formerly known as Nanosatisfi, has raised $25 million in Series A financing that it will use to expand its satellite and data networks as well as its staff, the San Francisco-based company...
Thales Alenia Space now sells commercial telecommunications satellites more profitably than competitor Airbus Defence and Space.
Space Systems revenue was $1.85 billion for the three months ending June 29, down from $2.09 billion last year.
IAI risks having its space business growth stunted by a domestic government whose demand is too small to permit expansion, and whose industrial strategy likely would not permit an outright sale of...
Orbital Sciences booked the first two orders for its higher-power telecommunications satellite product, the GeoStar-3, and that it had made a second bid to use its new Antares rocket for a commercial...
The contract is part of a broader Air Force initiative to modernize electronics, including a new high power amplifier, at eight Air Force Satellite Control Network sites and then integrate those...
The Space Angels Network is organizing a $6,000, three-day tour of Southern California’s commercial space companies that includes stops at SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Masten Space Systems and XCOR.
GenCorp said the failure of an AJ-26 engine during a test firing in May cost the company $13.5 million in lost sales and higher costs for the six months ending May 31.
The Avascent consultancy in Washington has purchased the space and telecommunications practice of market research company Futron Corp. for an undisclosed sum.


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