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Orbital said the electrical failure on the Orbital-built Amazonas 4A satellite launched in March appears likely to result in a permanent reduction in the satellite’s capacity.
Eutelsat will redeem $360 million in bonds from bondholders in Eutelsat Americas.
The contract is valued at 7 million euros for one year and 19 million euros if it is extended to four years.
The new facility will accommodate simultaneous design and production of more than 40 satellites.
Avenir has asked the company to sell itself wholly or partially, saying Iridium management has consistently ignored the interests of its shareholders and been unable to estimate the cost of its...
Tempus Global Data has taken over the job of commercializing Utah State University’s hyperspectral sounder instrument as a hosted payload.
The European Space agency on March 28 contracted with Airbus Defence and Space to build a large spectrometer to study the atmosphere following a launch in 2021 aboard a European polar-orbiting...
Exelis Geospatial Systems will design and build the infrared sounding instruments that commercial weather satellite startup GeoMetWatch plans to fly as hosted payloads on commercial and possibly...
Thuraya reported $122 million in revenue in 2013, up 15 percent from 2012.
Development of the H-X, the successor to the current H-2A and H-2B rockets, will begin this year, with a first launch targeted for 2020.


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