Robert Bell has over 30 years of experience as an association manager and business consultant for both nonprofit and profit-driven and organizations operating in the IT outsourcing, telecommunications, and financial services industries.

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  • Credit: UK Department for International Development, Flickr Creative Commons

    News gathering during natural disasters

    Disasters make news.  Whether the catastrophe is an act of nature or humanity, we want to see it with our own eyes and share the experience of the people whose lives are turned upside down.  We watch with a horrified fascination that is part cur…

  • VSee SeaEagle. Credit: VSee

    Defeating the Enemies of Health

    Poverty and distance are the enemies of health.

    In the rich world, high-quality medical care is usually a short drive away, because there are three physicians available, on average, to serve every 1,000 people.  In South Africa, however, t…